A program in conjunction with the Victorian Order of Nurses

Frozen Meal Program

The AICMC is partnering with the VON to provide a Frozen Meal Program for Amherst Island Residents, similar to ‘Meals on Wheels Programs’ offered in other communities.
There are a variety of Menu choices. Meals are nutritionally balanced, and available through a monthly order.  Special diets can be accomodated.

If you are interested and would like the opportunity to try a meal or two, please contact us. The cost for meals is $37.00/7 meals.

Eventually, those who would like to register for regular meals, will be set up as clients with the VON. If you f
eel you might be interested in this program, please let us know. We will set up a date to discuss your needs and review the menu with you.

The Clinic plans to have a few meals on hand for ‘Emergency Circumstances’ so we can assist those who find themselves in a situation where they are unable to prepare a meal for whatever reason. If someone needs help, contact us on the AICMC Program phone at 613-893-2192.